World of Warcraft is the Ultimate in Online Gaming, But Are You Prepared For the Future?

When I first started playing World of Warcraft my biggest problem was where do I go next. It’s a great game but I wasted so much time finding my way around, that’s not a bad thing because it’s a fantastic game and that is the idea of it (you learn as you go) but if you can find your way quicker it sure is better.

I was lucky and found a friend who plays and he helped me through the basic stuff. like how the Dwarf is different from an Orc and a Paladin is not the same as a Hunter – see what I mean !!

Well take my word for it I wasted weeks just finding my own player, the one that suited best. It’s why most players have four, five or six different characters, they just keep trying a different one.

Any way you can now get some help from the many of the Guides that are out there and all you have to do is choose one but they all offer help in different ways and I got help from more than one, It’s worth it.

Do you want to level fast?

Do you need Gold to buy what you need?

Do you just want to get the best from the game?

Are you prepared for the future?

I just wanted to impress my new friends เว็บแทงบอล with all my “gear” and be one of the best in the game, I will make it some day, believe me.

By Nik Haywood

If you are looking for help or confused about where to go next why not ask