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Microsoft has turned to online gaming to improve the position of its Bing search engine in fierce competition with other search engine giants Google and Yahoo. This innovative move by Microsoft has been of great help to those netizens who are used to playing games online. PageHunt is the online game that the tech giant has developed to generate user data in order to update queries and improve search results.

How to implement Microsoft’s gaming strategy

Online games are nothing more than an ingenious strategy by Microsoft to promote Bing among Internet users. PageHunt aims to increase the use of Bing as a search engine and improve search results in a query on Bing. The game offers web surfers and gamers to enter search phrases that will place the web pages in the top five search results on Bing.

What makes Microsoft online games interesting

Players are awarded points depending on the rank of web pages that their search terms have produced in the Microsoft search engine. Players can get a hundred points if the page ranks at the top of search results. Ninety points go to their bags if the page ranks second. What makes the game strategy is the bonuses that are also given by avoiding the use of frequently used queries.

PageHunt attributes to enhance the feel of online gaming

In order to entertain players with an enhanced gaming experience, Microsoft has attributed cool animations, bonus points, a high score list, and various other game features to PageHunt, developed by Chris Quirk and Raman Chandrasekhar at Microsoft. The idea behind the creation of PageHunt is to เว็บแทงบอล collect useful information about different search phrases that can adjust the search algorithms and ranking of web pages on Bing.

What is Microsoft’s online gaming strategy model

PageHunt is a single player game. It is quite easy and simple to play with direct moves. The powerful contribution to the extremely complicated task of developing the search process in Bing is the result of this game strategy adopted by Microsoft to promote Bing in the global search market. It has been designed and developed following the model of the Human Capitation Games. It is likely to improve search relevance on Bing by several times.